The Brief Introduction to Table Top TV Holder for TV Size 26"-55"

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A high-quality tabletop TV holder is made of steel and is perfect for holding up TVs. Many customers may have different situations when mounting TVs on walls, so we designed this model just for holding TVs on tables. The package is very small, and the mounting system is stable.

Ningbo Zlers Electronics Co., Ltd. is a premier supplier and designer of TV mounting systems and healthy working systems located in Ningbo, China. We distinguish ourselves by offering innovative and cost-effective solutions that deliver high performance, reliability, and, most of all, ease of operation. We specialize in the production of mechanical desk mounts and TV stands. In Zlers, enriching the home entertainment and healthy working experience through the development, design, and manufacturing management for our customers is our main focus and the critical driver behind all our endeavors.

This medium-sized size Table Top TV Holder holds up to 35kgs and fits 26"-55" TV size. VESA compatible for maximum 400*600 mm. We designed this model very recently, and it has been popular in worldwide markets. We provide various TV brackets; you are welcome to select any one and feel free to contact us.

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