The meaning of low carbon steel

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Low carbon steel has a carbon content of less than 0.25%. Because of its low strength and hardness, it is also known as "mild steel." It includes the vast majority of ordinary carbon structural steels as well as some high-quality carbon structural steels. The majority of them are used for engineering structural parts that do not require heat treatment, while others are used for mechanical parts that require wear resistance after carburizing and other heat treatments.

Low carbon steel has an annealed microstructure of ferrite and a trace of pearlite, with low strength and hardness but good plasticity and toughness. As a result, its cold formability is good, and it can be cold formed using crimping, bending, stamping, and other methods. This steel is also easy to weld. Low carbon steel is defined as steel with a carbon content of 0.10–0.25%. This steel has a low hardness and high plasticity. Cold plastic deformation forming, welding, and cutting are simple to implement. It is frequently used in the production of chains, rivets, bolts, shafts, and other similar items.

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