How to choose a right Screw Type Industrial Chiller?

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A screw chiller is a chiller that operates with a screw compressor. It has a higher cooling capacity than a scroll chiller and is typically used in chemical plants, ink printing plants, automobile manufacturing plants, central air-conditioning systems, and other large-scale industrial refrigeration. How to choose a right Screw Type Industrial Chiller?

1. The screw chiller's main control parameters include the refrigeration performance coefficient, rated cooling capacity, input power, and refrigerant type, among others.

2. The chiller should be chosen in accordance with the cooling load and application. For long-term low-load operation in refrigeration systems, a multi-head piston compressor unit or a screw compressor unit that is easy to adjust and saves energy is recommended.

3. When choosing chillers, prioritize models with higher performance coefficients. Statistics show that the running time of general chillers at 100% load accounts for less than a quarter of the total running time throughout the year. Loading time ratios of 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% in total operating time are roughly. 

4. When selecting a chiller, pay close attention to the nominal working conditions. The chiller's actual cooling capacity is determined by the following factors:

a) Cold water outlet temperature and flow rate; b) Cooling water inlet temperature, flow rate, and fouling coefficient.

5. When selecting a  Screw Type Industrial Chiller, keep in mind the normal operating range of this type of unit, because the current limit of the main motor is the current value of the shaft power under normal operating conditions.

6. Pay close attention to design and selection: at the nominal flow rate, the cold water outlet temperature should not exceed 15°C, and the outdoor dry bulb temperature of the air-cooled unit should not exceed 43°C. If it is necessary to exceed the above range, you should know whether the compressor's operating range is permissible and whether the main motor's power is sufficient.


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